"Reforming Minds and Rebuilding Lives"      

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 Welcome to CABRE Safe Haven

We are a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization that will provide our six services and 7-step program for women of Domestic Violence. CABRE main objective is providing a safe haven for the needs of battered women and children, bringing awareness, and education which is an essential bridge for achieving quality with compassionate understanding; to offer a way out of this vicious cycle. 

Our organization will have HEART, we will Hear the concerns of our clients, have Empathy, be Apologetic, Responsive, & Thankful for giving CABRE Safe Haven the opportunity to integrate quality and safety concepts, staff developments and continued education. CABRE priority also is fostering communication, mutual respect, and share sound decision-making to achieve the goal for "reforming minds and rebuilding lives" to mitigate repeated cycles; through evidence based practices.

We will continue to strategize and stay fully engaged and dedicated to prioritize their needs and willingness to demonstrate a nurturing environment. Most importantly your donations and sponsorship allow us to continue to retool our social programs, and staff of the organization. CABRE creates greater awareness in the community with churches, and schools by being an advocate of Domestic Violence.

Our Mission

CABRE Safe Haven's mission is to provide shelter and counseling with psychological services in a safe environment for women who are victims of domestic violence. We will enable them to become self reliant and independent by providing assistance in obtaining employment, home ownership, identification and legal aide services through a closely monitored system. To learn more send us an email


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Your faith in our efforts and your commitment to the community make it possible for us to achieve our mission. Your prayers and financial support are an investment that will be repaid many times over by the thousands of lives changed each day. Thank you!

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Our Sponsors 

alliance for a Safe World - Cabre

The Alliance for a Safe World is a pioneering network and resource centre, bringing together organizations, institutions, and ethical businesses throughout the world. The Alliance for a Safe World welcomes CABRE Safe Haven to their family!

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