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CABRE Safe Haven is an organization that is diverse and embraces cultural competence and respect for all. Our social services for women of domestic violence, and be a caregiver that will treat and work with individuals who identify themselves as lesbian, gay/bisexual. Their needs, concerns, and issues are the same as the general population and being compassionate, respectful and provide competent care, and that is another priority for CABRE, we do not discriminate against, color, creed, and religious beliefs due to the stigmas and alienation by society; CABRE, is a start-up nonprofit social agency, serving the greater Miami-Dade area. The organization’s name is the founder’s initials, Cherie A. Bryant, who has both practical experience and the education to lead the organization to relate as a victim and losing her mother to this horrible disease. The infrastructure will be backed by a strong alliance, which will carry out the mission, our commitments and vision of CABRE.

CABRE Safe Haven - The Inspiration                  

"In 1978, and as far as I could remember at the age of six, I could hear piercing screams coming from my Mother’s room. The sounds of my mother yelling out “STOP”, PLEASE and “HELP” would forever ring in my ears, and it burned intensely to my soul. Sitting in the living room, hoping a neighbor would hear my Mother, to call the police, or come, and rescue her. Unfortunately, for me HELP never arrived so I continued to wait, and wait endlessly. Finally, the room door opened and out comes my Father, a few seconds later, my Mother exits the room with blood running from her face! My Mother was a sole believer in her vows and family so she stayed in her marriage for two more years when it appeared to be never-ending. The beatings seemed to get worst as the days and months went by. Finally, in the early 80’s, Mother got up enough courage, and nerve to leave and file for divorce. However, the abuse continued mentally and verbally; until one summer afternoon mom and her boyfriend where driving in her car when they were approached by my Father. He opened fire, shooting into my Mother's car striking her boyfriend several times. Thank God, for him; because he shielded her body by taking a spray of bullets.

Near death my Mother rushed him to the nearest hospital, where he survived the shooting, and Dad receives 10+ years in prison. Growing up witnessing my Mother being victimized inspired me to give back to those who are victims of Domestic Violence and their children; as a child, I felt a terrible numbness, hopelessness, defeat, and guilt for not being able to do more, caused a great sadness. In 2006, from the many uncounted episodes of the horrendous behavior caused by my biological Father, she was called home, to be placed in the garden of roses, due to the complications of a brain tumor which developed after years of trauma, repeated blows and abuse to her head. I wasn’t sure how I could reach out to others until one night, God, gave me a vision of the shelter and the name CABRE Safe Haven. CABRE Safe Haven is the first initials of my first, middle and last name.  The “RE” is what my Mother would call me."  Today, we join women – and men – together all across the county to support victims of violence, and to send this message that Domestic Violence is unacceptable in our community, as well as in every community.  We would like to reach out to the church, schools, community, and society. Domestic Violence touches every one of us. It keeps employees from being able to work, and instead they fill emergency rooms, and morgues. It makes children fearful, angry and in most cases become victims themselves, and abusers as adults.

Only by making a real commitment to stop this crime, can we end this horrific and barbaric act. No one needs to feel subjected, obligated, or victimized by this awful way of expressing a lifeless emotion with a non authentic “I love you” “and I promised it won’t happen again.”

Cherie A. Bryant


 Board of Directors

 Cherie A. Bryant - Founder and CEO

Ms. Cherie A. Bryant advises, governs and oversees policy and direction, and assists with the leadership of CABRE Safe Haven as to support the organizations mission and needs.  Over 18 years of community awareness experience, and holds a BA in Criminal Justice, training in Psychology, BLS certified and law enforcement officer of almost two decades. Also leading the development and implementing of the overall organizations’ strategy, vision, and mission. Prioritize the creation of leading; and evaluating the work of the other leaders, including President, VP, and Directors. Maintaining awareness of both external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion and continuously representing the organization for civic and professional association in the local community, the state, and at the national level.

"You are an extremely valuable, worthwhile, significant person even though your present circumstances may have you feeling otherwise"

Denise Springer of Cabre Haven

Ms. Springer - President / VP of Operations

Profile is currently being updated...coming soon!      

Malisia Bryant - Director of Human Resources

Ms. Malisia Bryan holds a BA, BS, in Criminal Justice, She has been awarded many accolades, experience behind her name 20 years of experience in community working currently as active Sgt. for law enforcement . She focused on developing a superior workforce, employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement and high performance. Ms. Bryant, will be recruiting, space planning for the staff superb employee orientation, development, retooling and organization.

"The Lord shall be praised." Helping others in times of need has always made me understand my worth as a woman! God Bless, and also Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised."  

Proverbs 31 vs 1 & 30.

Merlisia Kinsie Cabre Safe Haven

 Mrs. Merlisia Kinsie- Community Outreach Coordinator

Mrs. Kinsie has a BS in Business Management and currently has 20 years’ experience in the community outreach activities as well as a certified skill instructor. Mrs. Kinsie, experience is geared toward creating and implementing society and business outreach plans; including supervising the activities, services provided, development on public education, information materials, presentations, displays, governmental structures, facilitating public meetings and other public forums agencies and policies which impact Authority business and progress with her exceptional interpersonal skills. Maintaining partnerships with churches, schools, universities, school districts, and community; executing workshops, conferences, with public organizations

Michael J. Entin, ESQ - Treasurer

Homicide Attorney, Criminal Law Defense Attorney, Felony Lawyer, Felony Attorney and Criminal Law Lawyer.  Since 1978 M. Entin, ESQ brings decades of criminal trial experience to practice in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Univ of Florida, BA Nova southeastern University, JD - -Federal Criminal Defense, Corporate formation, white collar crime defense, drug & narcotic offense, personal injury, and commercial litigation wide variety services offer to ensuring optimal defense established an impressive track record of success in a number of high-profile cases. As community leaders and staunch advocates for criminal defense served on the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers and on the Board of Directors for the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers personalized representation. 

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